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Vanguard's four new exchange traded funds bring all the great benefits of Vanguard ETFs — low cost*, diversification, tax efficiency, liquidity and transparency - including international fixed income for the first time in Australia.

Vanguard FTSE Europe Shares ETF VEQ
ASX code: VEQ
Management cost: 0.35% p.a.
Benchmark: FTSE Developed Europe All Cap Index

Exposure to around 1200 securities of companies located in developed Europe.
Regional exposures in a diverse range of sectors including the UK, Germany, Switzerland and France.
Vanguard FTSE Asia ex Japan Shares Index ETF VAE
ASX code: VAE
Management cost: 0.40% p.a.
Benchmark: FTSE Asia Pacific ex Japan, Australia and New Zealand Index
Exposure to around 850 securities across Asia Pacific.
Regional exposures include large and mid-cap stocks in China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.


Vanguard International Fixed Interest (Hedged) ETF VIF
ASX code: VIF
Management cost: 0.20% p.a.
Benchmark: Barclays Global Treasury Index

Exposure to over 850 securities (bonds) issued by the governments of approximately 32 countries that hold an investment grade rating.
Largest regional exposures are Europe ex UK, North America, Japan and UK.
Vanguard International Credit Securities (Hedged) ETF VCF
ASX code: VCF
Management cost: 0.30% p.a.
Benchmark: Barclays Global Aggregate Government related and Corporate Index
Exposure to over 2,900 securities issued by government owned entities, government guaranteed entities, and investment-grade corporate issuers with a credit rating of BBB- or higher (by S&P or equivalent).
Largest regional exposures are Europe ex UK, North America, Australia and, Asia Pacific (ex JPN and AUS).
All bases covered

Learn how you can create portfolios that are truly diversified across and within asset classes, using our range of ETFs.

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Our expanding range of ETFs

Vanguard ETFs offer you even more control when you’re building fully diversified global client portfolios. In only a few trades you can now expand into new equity markets and international fixed income to give your clients the global diversification they need.


Our expanding product range means you can now select from 16 different ETFs to diversify your clients' investments across international equities, Australian equities, international fixed income and property securities - all while taking advantage of Vanguard's low cost, diversified approach to investing.

We're continuing to develop our ETF suite and plan to launch two new international equity ETFs for developed European and developing Asian markets later in the year.

With Vanguard, your ETF universe just keeps on getting bigger.

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Why international fixed interest ETFs?

Our two new ETFs may suit investors looking to add broad international fixed income exposure to their portfolio at a low cost, with the flexibility of share trading.

International fixed income can play a vital role in a diversified portfolio by delivering a steady and reliable income stream with the potential for some capital growth.

Government bonds and fixed-income securities generally have less risk and lower returns than equities. So by offering your clients exposure to over 3,700 fixed income securities, our two new ETFs can reduce risk by offsetting volatility in other parts of clients' portfolios.

Need trading support?

Vanguard's Capital Markets Team is available to provide you dedicated ETF trade and execution support. Alternatively, contact your Business Development Manager for more information relating to our range of ETFs.

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