New Vanguard fixed interest ETF now trading on the ASX

Vanguard | 31 October 2012


Vanguard's new fixed interest ETF began trading on the ASX today under the ticker code VAF.

VAF provides investors with an efficient way to access a diverse range of high quality Australian fixed income securities at a management cost of just 0.20 per cent.

Stephen Howard, head of Fixed Income at Vanguard Australia said: “This new ETF joins our Government Bond ETF which we launched earlier this year, broadening the choice for ETF investors seeking to diversify their portfolio with this defensive asset class”.

“VAF is a broad market ETF which includes allocations to Australian government, semi-government and corporate bonds.”

Fund Name

ASX Code

Fund Objective

Underlying fund size

Fee p.a.

Vanguard® Australian Fixed Interest Index ETF


Seeks to match the return (income and capital appreciation) of the UBS Composite Bond Index before taking into account fund fees, expenses and tax.

A$3.8 billion

0.20 %

This new fund brings Vanguard’s range of ETFs for Australian investors to nine, with over half a billion in funds under management as at 30 September 2012.

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* In addition to the low management costs, investors may also incur brokerage and a bid ask spread when buying and selling ETFs on the ASX.

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