Vanguard builds on ETF base with the upcoming launch of three new funds

Vanguard | 11 April 2011


Vanguard today announced its intention to launch three new Australian Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) which will all track segments of the Australian share market. The new funds will include Australian small and large companies ETFs and a high yield Australian shares ETF complementing Vanguard's existing range of funds.

The ETFs, which Vanguard has applied for quotation for trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) at the end of May 2011, will continue to develop Vanguard’s product line to provide Australian investors with diversified and low cost building blocks for portfolio construction.

Robyn Laidlaw, Vanguard’s Head of Product Development and Management, said “This is another step to deliver a low cost range of index-based ETFs for Australian investors and these new funds have been developed in line with our product development philosophy which is based on diversification and cost efficiency.”

The launch of three new funds comes as the appetite for ETFs continues to build amongst advisers and individual investors and will bring the number of Vanguard ETFs trading on the ASX to seven.

The ETF market in Australia is developing quickly as investors and advisers gain familiarity with these funds and realise their benefits, and as more choice is introduced to the market.

Joseph Brennan, Vanguard's Chief Investment Officer said, “The continuing shift in the Australian market place towards low cost, transparent, and diversified index funds and ETFs is a positive development for investors. Minimising costs and sensible asset allocation remain the most important success factors in investing.”

Mr. Brennan noted that recently released Rainmaker data shows index investments now represent 16.4 per cent of Australian assets (up from 10.3 per cent five years ago).

Vanguard launched its first ETFs in the Australian market place in May 2009 which have since grown to over $308 million* representing almost six per cent of the total Australian market. Vanguard Australian Shares Index ETF (VAS) is positioned as the fifth largest ETF quoted for trading on the ASX.

In the US, Vanguard is one of the largest providers in the well established ETF market, with nearly $157 billion in assets as at end of February 2011. 

The funds discussed above are not yet available for investment and further information will follow closer to the listing date of the funds.  A Product Disclosure Statement will be made available when the funds are launched and will be available at

For further information on Vanguard’s existing range of Exchange Traded Funds please click here.

*As at 28 February 2011


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