Vanguard launches Personal Investor offer to give Australians greater control of their financial futures

Vanguard | 01 April 2020


Vanguard today announced the launch of a new offer and purpose-built website for investors, as a step towards delivering a better financial future for all Australians.

In an increasingly complex investing environment, Vanguard Personal Investor, combined with the new website, is a simple and straightforward investment offer that delivers a great client experience and provides direct access to a wide range of Vanguard's low-cost managed funds, Australian-listed exchange traded funds (ETFs), Australian shares and an integrated cash account.

As part of Vanguard's ongoing commitment to lower the cost of investing, Australian-listed Vanguard ETFs will be offered brokerage free.

Launching the offer, Frank Kolimago, Vanguard Australia's Managing Director, said Vanguard Personal Investor combined Vanguard's global scale with local expertise.

"The launch of our Personal Investor offer and development of a new and intuitive Australian website represents an important step towards providing a range of investment products and services direct to Australian investors."

"For more than 20 years Vanguard has helped Australians work toward their financial goals, but we recognise that we could make investing with us a more seamless experience. Both the new website and Vanguard Personal Investor offer are important steps forward in helping investors attain better outcomes in meeting their financial goals."

"We are launching this new offer to investors during a time when market volatility is high, as the uncertainty of the impacts of the coronavirus continue to roil markets. But this challenging period will eventually pass. And Personal Investor will help long term investors to be well positioned to benefit when it does."

In addition to simplifying the investing experience, Vanguard Personal Investor will also offer access to Australian shares at $19.95 or 0.15% per trade (whichever is greater) and access to a Vanguard Cash Account.

Vanguard Personal Investor is being introduced in a phased rollout which will see additional functionality and features added over time to further enhance the investing experience. This includes, for example, access for Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) accounts, the ability for financial advisers and their clients to access the offer and website, both features that will offer a holistic investment journey for all investors, Mr Kolimago noted.

"The Personal Investor offer caters for investors looking to access Vanguard's broad range of products directly. We will continue to work closely with financial advisers to support their clients on their investment journeys."

Both current and new Vanguard investors will be able to open a Vanguard Personal Investor Account. They will gain access to a range of Vanguard's Australian managed funds at wholesale management expense ratios, Vanguard's Australian listed ETFs brokerage free, Australian shares and an integrated Vanguard Cash Account. All these features will be available at a competitive annual fee of 0.2% of the total account balance, capped at $600.

"Some people procrastinate about starting on the investing journey because they are daunted by the often-complicated process of investing. The delivery of our first-class digital experience is a step towards demystifying the investment process," said Mr Kolimago.

"Intuitive and uncomplicated, it takes only a matter of minutes to register to invest in a range of broadly diversified and competitively priced Vanguard managed funds and Australian listed ETFs. It is simply a matter of signing up to a Vanguard Personal Investor Account."

"Vanguard will continue to look at how we can offer more products and services that meet the needs of Australian investors. For instance, we have plans to add international shares to the brokerage service and in the longer term, the development of a superannuation offer to help more Australians achieve their goals in retirement."

Individual investors who meet the eligibility criteria can open a Vanguard Personal Investor Account and take advantage of the offer from today.

Visit Vanguard Personal Investor here.


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