Vanguard's Personal Investor launched self-managed super fund functionality

Vanguard | 29 June 2020


Vanguard is today announcing the addition of the self-managed super fund (SMSF) account type to its Personal Investor offer, to give Australians greater control of their wealth.

Launched in early April 2020, Vanguard's Personal Investor offer delivers on Vanguard's ongoing promise to lower the cost of investing by providing retail investors direct access to a wide range of Vanguard's low-cost managed funds at wholesale rates and its Australian-listed exchange traded funds (ETFs) brokerage free. As with current Personal Investor clients, SMSF investors are also able to trade the top ASX shares by market capitalisation at $19.95 or 0.15% per trade (whichever is greater) and have access to an interest earning Vanguard Cash Account.

"As a global fund manager with a deeply rooted commitment to advocating for the end investor, Vanguard Personal Investor represents our pledge to challenging the status quo and providing Australian investors with more low-cost investment options," said the Vanguard spokesperson.

"We decided to proceed with the launch of the Personal Investor offer amid the COVID-19 health pandemic and resulting share market volatility because we wanted to give Australian investors the ability to benefit from lower investment costs, irrespective of the prevailing market conditions. Since that initial launch we have seen Australian investors respond positively to the offer despite the challenging market conditions," said the Vanguard spokesperson.

As previously noted to the market, Vanguard Personal Investor is being rolled out progressively with additional features and functions incorporating client feedback. Today's launch of SMSF account access marks the second phase, with joint accounts and financial adviser access to come.

"We recognise that many Australians want full control of their retirement journey and superannuation is a vital component of that process. The launch of our Personal Investor Self Managed Super Fund account is about giving Australian investors the best chance of investment success," said the Vanguard spokesperson.

"Vanguard Personal Investor offers investors a differentiated focus compared to their current brokerage account. Through it, investors have a clear incentive to consider long-term wealth creation through managed funds at wholesale rates and Vanguard Australia's listed ETFs brokerage free. The website has been designed to assist investors by having functionality and a look and feel that aims to promote diversified, long term investing rather than short term trading," said the Vanguard spokesperson.

Investors with SMSFs operated through either individual or corporate trustee structures and who meet the eligibility criteria can open a Vanguard Personal Investor SMSF Account and take advantage of the low cost offer from today. Visit Vanguard Personal Investor here.


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