Vanguard pioneered the concept of indexing, introducing the first retail index fund in the US in 1976. Since then, The Vanguard Group has grown into one of the world’s largest and most respected investment management companies. Vanguard now has global presence with offices in the US, Australia, Asia and Europe. Vanguard in Australia has been helping investors meet their long-term financial goals with low-cost indexing solutions.


The Vanguard Group began operations in the US with John C Bogle at the helm.


Vanguard® 500 Index Fund opens–the first index mutual fund available to individual investors in the US.


John J Brennan joins Vanguard. He goes on to become the chairman and CEO of The Vanguard Group.


The Vanguard Group launches the first bond index fund for individual investors in the US.


Vanguard introduces the first international stock index funds.


Jeremy G Duffield establishes Vanguard's Australian office. Launch of Vanguard's Index Funds to wholesale clients.


The Australian office launches Vanguard® Investor Index Funds for retail investors.


The Vanguard Group opens its Tokyo office.


The Vanguard Group opens its Singapore office.


Vanguard becomes the first fund manager in Australia to report after-tax returns.


Hon. Mr. Peter Costello, MP treasurer and deputy leader of the Liberal Party and Vanguard Group CEO and Chairman John J Brennan officially open Vanguard's new Asia Pacific headquarters in Southbank, Melbourne.


Vanguard celebrates 10 years in Australia.


Vanguard Australian funds under management reach $78bn in October. Vanguard launches new products in Australia, including Vanguard® International Small Companies, Vanguard® Global Infrastructure and the Vanguard® Cash Reserve Fund.


The Vanguard Group opens a representative office in London, UK.
Vanguard launches the Vanguard® Government Bond Fund in December in Australia.
F William McNabb III becomes CEO of The Vanguard Group.


Launched its latest international business, Vanguard Investments UK, Ltd.


Vanguard launches a range of exchange-traded funds for Australian investors in May.
Bill McNabb becomes chairman of The Vanguard Group.


John James is appointed managing director for Vanguard Investments Australia, leading both the retail and institutional investors.


The Vanguard Group open its office in Canada.


Vanguard Group surpasses $USD 3.3 trillion in global assets under management (AUM).
Vanguard Australia surpasses $70 billion in total AUM and $3 billion in ETF net assets.

The Vanguard Group, Inc.

Key facts*

  • Founded 1975
  • Total assets under management
    $5.8 trillion (AUD)
  • Funds offered
    180 in the US, and 190 funds in markets outside the US
  • Ownership
  • Headquarters
    Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Chairman
    F. William McNabb III
  • CEO
    Mortimer J. Buckley
  • Number of employees
    About 15,000 worldwide

* Data as at 30 June 2017.
** The Vanguard Group, Inc. is owned by its US-domiciled funds, which are owned by their shareholders.