Investing is easy with BPAY® for both new and existing investors with managed funds under $500,000.

New investors

When completing the application form, tick the box indicating that you would like to make your initial investment via BPAY® (located in the "investment selection" section). You can then send your application form to the postal address listed or drop it into our office.

When we receive your completed application form, we will e-mail your Vanguard Biller Code and Customer Reference Number. You can then use BPAY® to make your initial investment. Payment must then be forwarded to us within 14 days.

Existing investors

Please follow these steps to add to your existing investment without the need to complete any forms.

  1. Nominate Vanguard as a Biller - our Biller Code is 53009.
  2. Choose the Vanguard Retail Index Fund that will receive the deposit.
  3. Enter the applicable 12-digit Customer Reference Number (CRN).
  4. Enter the amount you wish to invest:
    $100 minimum for additions to existing Funds; or
    $5,000 minimum for investments in a new Fund.
  5. Record your receipt number as proof of the transaction. Vanguard will send you a confirmation within 5 business days.

Your 12-digit Customer Reference Number (CRN) is made up of three parts:

Your investor number
(minus the V)
02 ## 12345678 (example only)

Fund codes

Vanguard Fund NameVanguard
Cash Plus Fund 02 07 12345678
Diversified Bond Fund 02 08 12345678
Property Securities Fund 02 03 12345678
Australian Shares Fund 02 01 12345678
High Yield Australian Shares Fund 02 11 12345678
International Shares Fund 02 02 12345678
International Shares Fund (Hedged) 02 09 12345678
LifeStrategy® Conservative Fund 02 04 12345678
LifeStrategy® Balanced Fund 02 10 12345678
LifeStrategy® Growth Fund 02 05 12345678
LifeStrategy® High Growth Fund 02 06 12345678

* Note: These investor numbers are examples only.

Please note that even though your BPAY® transaction is processed from your bank account immediately, your funds and payment instructions may take some time to be transferred to Vanguard from your financial institution.

Provided your BPAY® request is made before your financial institution's cut-off time (usually 5 p.m., Melbourne time), Vanguard would typically receive your funds before 2 p.m., Melbourne time on the following business day. Units will only be issued once we receive your funds and will be issued at the unit price applicable to the day payment is received.

Conditions of use

Additional investments to the Fund will be issued according to the terms and conditions of the current Vanguard Index Funds PDS and the Constitution for the Fund. BPAY® transactions cannot generally be reversed. Payments using credit card accounts cannot be made via BPAY®. Any query on your BPAY® transfer should be directed to your bank.

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