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How can I access my account online?

You can access your account through Vanguard Online®, our secure online facility for Vanguard investors. You will need your investor number, postcode and email address to register. Your investor number and postcode can be found in your most recent Vanguard statement.

Vanguard Online allows you to keep in touch with your investments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It allows you to:

  • View your investment summary with your account balance, unit prices and number of units.
  • View and print the latest tax, distribution and transaction statements.
  • View your latest transactions, including date, type, value and unit prices.
  • Update your contact details, ask questions or provide feedback.

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How can I access Vanguard Online if I've forgotten my password?
You can use our self-service recovery functionality to reset your username or password.
You will need your latest Vanguard statement to get started. Simply visit Vanguard Online and follow the prompts to retrieve your login information.
How can I access my account statements?

You can view and print your latest retail fund statements on Vanguard Online. Simply login to Vanguard Online and click on 'Statements'. Click here to find out which statements are delivered and when.

How do I change my details?

Let us know if you have changed your details by completing a Change of Details form.
Alternatively, you can send us an email with your new contact details through your mailbox on Vanguard Online.

How do I qualify for wholesale fees?

You can access our wholesale managed funds if you have $500,000 or more to invest. Vanguard's Wholesale Managed Funds offer low wholesale fees and an extensive choice of investment options. Find out more.

How do I add money to my investment?

There are two ways you can add to your investment:

  • Use BPAY® to add to your existing investment, set up a regular investment plan or open a new investment without completing any forms. Click here for details.
  • Simply complete the Additional Application form, print out the PDF and return it with your cheque to us. The minimum additional investment by cheque is $1,000.
What about if I want to switch funds? How do I switch my investment options?

You can switch all or part of your investment to another option by completing a Switching Form.

There are no switching fees when you change investment options other than the normal buy/sell costs. Your withdrawal from your current fund will be processed at the sell unit price, and your application for your new investment option at the buy unit price.

How secure is my online access?

Vanguard Online is a secure site that can only be accessed using your nominated username and password. It's important to keep your username and password confidential so other people cannot access your personal information.