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Investing through Vanguard Personal Investor

Looking to open an individual or SMSF account? Vanguard Personal Investor (Investor Directed Portfolio Service) is our new online offer providing investors with access to a wide range of low-cost products. Access Vanguard managed funds, Australian-listed Vanguard exchange traded funds (ETFs) brokerage-free and the top ASX shares (by market capitalisation) at competitive brokerage rates. Find out more

Vanguard Personal Investor is being introduced in a phased rollout, which will see additional functionality - such as the addition of other account types and features - added over time to further enhance the experience for both investors and financial advisers.

Managed funds

Managed funds provide a cost-effective way for investors to access professionally managed investments. Your money is pooled with other investors so you can invest in assets that may otherwise be difficult or not cost effective to access directly. When you invest in a managed fund you are buying units in that fund and the fund owns the underlying investments.

You can select managed funds from a variety of investment styles and asset classes such as equities, fixed interest, listed property and cash, or diversified (multi-sector) funds that hold a combination of asset classes to suit varying investor risk profiles. These include conservative, balanced, growth or high growth funds. The PDS of the relevant managed fund will detail the type of assets the fund holds, how the investments will be managed and the types of risk associated with the fund, so that you can compare your risk tolerance and investment objectives with that of the fund to determine if it meets your needs. Find out more

Exchange traded funds (ETFs)

Vanguard ETFs are diversified portfolios of securities constructed using an indexing approach that can be readily traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). With all the benefits of Vanguard funds, and the flexibility to buy and sell on the ASX, ETFs are a cost-effective way to diversify your portfolio.

Individual and SMSF investors can open a Vanguard Personal Investor Account to invest in Australian listed Vanguard ETFs brokerage free. Find out more about Vanguard Personal Investor.

Investors with joint, trust, company or sole trader accounts can invest in Vanguard ETFs via a stockbroker or financial adviser licensed to trade on the ASX.

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